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Wellard committed to reducing energy use and emissions

4 March 2016

Wellard ’s Western Australian abattoir, Beaufort River Meats (BRM), will reduce its energy consumption by up to eight per cent per annum following installation of a Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) system.

Working with environmental sustainability specialists Enviro Forum, BRM is installing a VPO unit which enables the abattoir to operate at the same capacity while consuming less energy.

VPO works on the basis that power supplied by the distribution network isn’t at the optimum voltage, causing over-supply to most equipment. The VPO conditions the incoming voltage – typically around 242V – to the optimum operating level for most equipment, at around 220V. By correcting these over-voltage conditions equipment downstream consume less energy and are more efficient, as over-voltage often causes excess heat in motors.

Wellard General Manager Meat Processing and Trading Kel Whitehouse said the 220,000 kilowatt hours the VPO will save BRM each year will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions from the plant by 191 tonnes.

“The energy savings have both financial and environmental benefits,” Mr Whitehouse said.

“The Beaufort River Meats abattoir is an integral part of Wellard’s meat processing operations, so to be able to reduce energy consumption to decrease operating costs and reducing carbon emissions is a win-win scenario.”

Wellard CEO Mauro Balzarini said Wellard had a track record of embracing new technology and exploring innovative ideas to improve its operational efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

“Wellard has always been committed to investing in new technology and improving its efficiency across the entire supply chain,” he said.

The VPO technology has additional benefits. It can reduce maintenance down-time, improve equipment power by optimising supply voltages to reduce the reactance of electrical equipment and lowers harmonic distortion to prevent random failures of electrical equipment.

For further information please contact:

Cameron Morse

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Website: www.wellard.com.au


Mathew Frederickson

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Website: www.forumgroup.com.au


Background – Wellard

Wellard is Australia’s largest cattle exporter and a vertically integrated agribusiness.

Wellard has supplied quality dairy and beef cattle and sheep and goats to the world for more than 30 years. Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, the company’s operations spans the world and cover every aspect of the livestock export chain, including livestock selection and aggregation, pre export quarantine facilities, feed milling and a modern fleet of specialised “floating farm” livestock carriers.

Wellard is also involved in meat trade and owns and operate a modern abattoir in Western Australia, Beaufort River Meats, which processes up to 2500 sheep and lambs a day, enabling Wellard to meet customer demand for both livestock and chilled meat.

Its expansion plans include a JV agreement with Fulida Group for the development of modern feedlots and abattoir in China to serve the growing meat market in that country.

Visit www.wellard.com.au


Background – Forum Enviro

Forum Enviro is a division of the Forum Group of Companies (FGOC), an Australian owned business focussed on making business more efficient, increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact.

Solutions provided by Forum include managed print and IT; fleet monitoring; energy, waste and fuel solutions and security services.

Its mission is to be a leading managed service company, both in Australia and Internationally, delivering a range of innovative technology solutions, enabling businesses to have access to the latest technology, without the need for capital outlay and in most cases being cost neutral or better still, cost positive to it’s clients.  

Visit: www.forumgroup.com.au