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Day Three - race update and video

5 November 2014

Today was possibly one of the worst days in recent ISDE history with unconfirmed reports of between 90 to 100 bikes breaking down in the extreme conditions.

Hot temperatures, deep sand and more dust was the order of the day and it took a heavy toll on bikes and riders as the Argentinian ISDE is going to be one remembered for a long time and not necessarily for good reasons.

One of the casualties was the Wellard Club Team rider Chris Bach as his Honda suffered a terminal mechanical issue in a transport stage midway through the day. It is not too clear what the issue was but definitely the conditions played a part.

This unfortunately has ended the teams possibility of winning the World Club Team division as all three riders scores are required every day. As the leading C1 rider this was a double blow for Chris, who was also placed in the top twenty outright at the start of the day.

There is a small light at the end of the tunnel for the team as Gary Sutherlin has now moved into the C1 lead with team mate Andrew Delong sitting in second place.

But with three more days of competition left, a lot can happen but we don't need to lose any more riders.

Currently at the end of day the Wellard team sits in fourth but this will change as the days roll on. I mentioned yesterday that we should not open the champagne just yet and this is why.

All the action from Day Three can be viewed below:

 View some of the tough conditions from Day Three below: