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Saudi Arabia

Large importer of Australian sheep.

Wellard Saudi Trading Co. Ltd is the first Saudi-Australian, joint venture livestock and meat trading company established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This joint venture is between Wellard and Mohammad Abdul Wahed Sindi.

Wellard Saudi Trading Co. Ltd was licensed by the Saudi Arabian Government Investment Authority (SAGIA) in April 2008, and established a head office in Jeddah.

Our long term vision is to develop a state of the art feedlot, to accommodate and condition livestock for direct wholesale and retail trades, together with a modern slaughter house, meat processing and food services plant to serve the ever increasing demand for fresh Halal meat by Saudi consumers.


Tim O’Donnell

Operations Manager - Middle East
Mobile: +61 409 298 384
Email: t.odonnell@wellard.com.au

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