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MV Ocean Shearer

The MV Ocean Shearer is largely based on the proven and successful design of Wellard’s MV Ocean Drover. It has the capacity to transport 20,000 cattle or 75,000 sheep or a combination of both, and is suited to trans-hemisphere routes.

The major improvements that have been incorporated into the design of the MV Ocean Shearer include double hull construction, a quieter, stronger ventilation system, larger water generation and fodder storage systems and a more efficient engine.

Vessel specifications - MV Ocean Shearer

  • Length: 189.3 m 
  • Breadth: 31 m
  • Gross tonnage: 36,028 tonnes
  • Livestock area: 23,500 square metres
  • Number of decks:  9
  • Design draft:  8.85 m 
  • Fresh water capacity: 350 tonnes
  • Fresh water production: 800 tonnes/day from 5 reverse osmosis units
  • Fodder Capacity: 3,000 tonnes
  • Ventilation: Greater than 0.5 metres/second across all pen areas. Greater than 100 air changes per hour.
  • Speed: knots: 18 knots  
  • Engines: MAN B&W type 6S50 ME – B9,5 TII